We provide an online, comprehensive and unified peer review system for scholarly journals. Facilitating the entire publishing process, we also provide publishing services for journals and academic institutions. eJournalPlus is for who needs an efficient workflow solution for managing and publishing journals online. 

This website is eJournalPlus demo.

 List of Main Features:

  •  Journal Website

  • Online Submission: Authors can submit their manuscripts after registering in the system

  • Editorial System: JM editorial system  is based on different roles; The system has 12 roles:  Author,  Editor in chief,  Editors,  Technical Editor,  Language Editor,  Managing Editor,  Editorial Board,  Page Designer,  Reviewer,  Publisher,  Production Manager, and  System Admin

  • A comprehensive Workflow system for editorial management: editor in chief can manage all processing workflow from receiving manuscripts to sending to reviewers and then make a decision either to accept or reject. The workflow is mainly based on

  • Registration system 

  • Manuscript Submission

  • Processing management: 

  • Receiving manuscripts by editor in chief, (or by section editor, managing editor or editors based on journal’s own workflow best practice.) 

  • Sending manuscripts to reviewers, (or to editors, editorial board or technical editors based on journal’s need)

  • Receiving comments from reviewers, editors or editorial board

  • Making a decision based on the evaluation process and/ or editorial board point of view to reject, accept or request for revision

  • Publishing online after copy editing, page designing, and galley proof