Volume 13, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Page 1-196

Preparation, Identification and analytical studies of some Metal Complexes with Schiff base ligand ( p-NPHAC)

Muna Abass Hadi

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 91-101

Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) complexes containing a tetra dentate N2O2 ligand ¬¬β-[(P-Nitro phenyl) azo]-2-(imino-4-antipyrinyl)-4-(2-imino- benzoic acid) pentane (p-NPHAC) have been preparation and characterization. The ligand was characterized on the basic of elemental analyses, FTIR, 1HNMR and electronic spectra studies while that the complexes were characterized by molar conductance, magnetic Susceptibility measurements, elemental analyses, FTIR and electronic spectra. The data show that the complexes have composition of [ML(H2O)2]Cl type. From analytical and spectral data of the complexes has been found to be (1:1) (metal:ligand). FTIR spectral data showed that the ligand behaves a tetra dentate moleculare with (N2O2) doner sequence to wards metal ions. Electronic spectra, magnetic susceptibility and FTIR spectral data of all the complexes suggest octahedral geometry around the central metal ion.

On the Compactness of the Composition Operator

Aqeel Mohammed Hussein

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 32-39

Let U denote the unit ball in the complex plane, the Hardy space is the set of functions holomorphic on U such that with denotes then the Taylor coefficient of f .
Let  be a holomorphic self-map of U, the composition operator induced by  is defined on by the equation

In this paper we have studied the compactness of the composition operator induced by the bijective map  and discussed the adjoint the compactness of the composition operator of the map  .We give some theorems on compactness of the composition operators. We have look also at some known properties on composition operators and tried to see the analogue properties in order to show how the results are changed by changing the map in U.
In order to make the work accessible to the reader, we have included some known results with the details of the proofs for some cases and proofs for the properties .

Study and Evaluation of the Medium Density Fiberboard Made From Old Newspaper

Mohammed Ali Jaber

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 83-90

Research includes Technology for the production of medium -density fiber board made from old newspaper and finding the best conditions for the manufacture of the fiber board and the required specifications. was reached methods produced industrially.
The research aims to study was effect of newspaper fiber mixed with cement and polymer blend (poly vinyl estate with MDI) and the press time 10 min on the properties of MDF panels were determined. Physical properties (thickness swelling, water absorption) and mechanical properties (Bending modulus of rupture and compressive strength) of the panels were determined according to the procedure of ASTM standards . This study showed reduction in bending modulus and increased the compressive strength of the panels as cement was loaded from 10 to 40%. Thickness swelling and water absorption of MDF panels was decreased with addition of cement to the panels

Theoretical study of Energy loss of proton in human tissues

Maher N.Sarsam

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 23-31

Charged particles lose energy by nuclear interactions through travelling in matter are very important and very useful especially in nuclear therapy. Using Bethe and Ziegler equation and Srim, Pstar Programs, we calculate, the proton stopping power in tissue by considering the tissue as composed of 9 elements; the proton stopping powers were calculated for those elements for the energy interval 1 - 10 MeV. In addition the proton stopping power for Breast and Lung tissues are evaluated too. Results are presented and compared with the latest published data .

The Complete Solution For Special Kinds of Nonlinear Second Order Partial Differential Equations With Three Independent Variables

Ali Hassan Mohammed

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 40-45

The main aim of this search is to find the complete solution for special kinds of nonlinear second order partial differential equations with three independent variables , which have the general form
where A , B , C , D , E , F , G , H , I and J are functions of . And
in these functions are of first degree and not multiplied with together.

Study the effect of seed extracts of pumpkin (cucurbita maxima) in treatment of experimentally infected with hydatidosis disease for E.granulosus in laboratory rats


journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 118-131

The present study amied to determine the effect extracts seed of pumpkin (cucurbita maxima) for depression of the protoscolices of Echinococcus granulosus in vitro,and determination of the therapeutic doses of these extracts for treatment of the secondary hydatid cysts in experimentally infected rats with negative cntrol group .
In vitro Protoscolices were treated with concentrations (30,40,50,60)mg/ml of three extracts(cold water,hot water and alcoholic extract) at different time periods (1,6,12,24) hr after treatment,the result showed that cold water extract 60mg/ml was the most efficient to kill the protoscolices then hot water and lastiy alcoholic extract.
Median lethal dose (LD50) estimated for (cold water,hot water and alcoholic extracts),then estimated therapeutic doses were calculated and these represented by (51.6,54.2,56.3)g/kg respectively.
Rats are inoculated with (2000) protoscolices per rat ,and treated with the therapeutic doses of extracts. After three month of inoculations and on the basis of therapeutic efficieny of extracts,resuts showed that the cold water extract is more efficient for reduction of secondary hydatid cysts .

Synthesis of heterocyclic derivatives from Schiff bases

Ahmad T. Salem

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 73-82

A new derivatives of heterocyclic were compounds have been prepared through the reaction of Schiff bases with glycolic acid , alanine and cysteine in toluene and the reaction was refluxed for some time. In addition to the study include identification for all derivatives by Mp, TLC and FTIR spectroscopy.

Preparation and Determination of Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Cobalt (II) with new organic reagent by spectrophotometric methods

Maysaa A. Majeed Al-Har

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 186-196

A simple, accurate and sensitive spectrophotometric method for the determination of Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Cobalt (II) is described. The method is based on the chelation of these ions with 5-((4'-amino-3,3'-dimethyle-[1,1'-biphenyle]-4-yl)azo)-2-hydroxy benzoic acid (ADBHB) that show maximum absorption at 370 nm to form an intense colour soluble products, that are stable and have a maximum absorption at 443, 455 and at 472 nm respectively. The molar extinction coefficient (ε) 4.2×104, 1.7×104 and 1.3×103 L.mole-1.cm-1 for Ni (II), Cu (II) and Co (II) respectively .The stability constant, relative error and standard deviations for these ions were, 4.4×107, 2.5×106 and 1.3×106 L.mole-1 and (7×10-4, 0.37%), (1.2×10-3, 0.7%) and (8.6×10-4, 0.4%) respectively. The new reagent and the three metal complexes have been prepared in aqueous solutions and were characterized by electronic spectrum, F.T.IR. Under optimum conditions the described methods were applied to find the biological activity of these complexes with Erwinia caratovora and Xanthomonas sp. Bacteria.
Keywords: Spectrometry, nickel , cupper , cobalt 5-((4'-amino-3,3'-dimethyle-[1,1'-biphenyle]-4-yl)azo)-2-hydroxy benzoic acid

The Effect of Licorice Water Extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) on the Chromosomal Breaks Caused by Cyclophosphamide CP in White Rats Bone Marrow

Aseel Raheem Mardan

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 99-106

The experiment was conducted on 54 white rats which were divide into two main groups, 18 white rats each. The first group was given Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) of the body weight; the second was given Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) of the body weight with the water extract of licorice ( 30 mg/kg) of the body weight. Each main group was subdivided into minor groups, 6 white rats each. The control, 18 white rats, was given drinking water throughout the time of the experiment. After 7 days from the beginning of the experiment; the white rats of the first group were anatomized to find the effects of the two doses. The same procedure was followed with the third group after 21 days from the beginning of the experiment
The results have shown a significant increase ( P<0.01 ) in the chromosomal breaks in the first group treated with Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) of the body weight. This increase got higher with the passage of time as compared with the control and the second group treated with Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) of the body weight. Also, the results have shown a decrease ( P<0.01 ) in the average of chromosomal breaks in the second group treated with Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) with the water extract of licorice ( 30 mg/kg) of the body weight. The decrease got higher with the passage of time as compared with the first group. The differences were significant. The results were as follows:
1. The treatment with Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) of the body weight caused chromosomal breaks.
2. The treatment with Cyclophosphamide CP ( 5 mg/kg ) with the liquid extract of licorice ( 30 mg/kg) of the body weight cause a decrease in chromosomal breaks.

Study the effect of thermal change in some biochemical parameters in male rats infected with diabetes mellitus experimentally.

Ihsan Raisan Ibrahim

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 84-98

The current study aimed to knowing the effect of different temperatures degrees for different periods on some biochemical parameters on diabetes rats. Two experiments were carried out, the first is hyperthermia 80 rats (40 healthy and 40 infected) were divided into five groups( each group subdivided into: 8 health and 8 infected). First group considered as a control group exposed to normal temperature (21 ± 2) c °, the second, third , fourth group exposed to high temperature (40 ± 2) ° C and divided two groups infected and healthy for one hour, the third group: offered to degree (40 ± 2) ° C for one, tow, four hours respectively. Secondary experiment is hypothermal it was designed in same design of first experiment and temperature used was (5 ± 2) ° CThe results showed significant increase (P <0.05) in the level of glucose, cholesterol , triglycerides ,lipoproteins and GOT in healthy group and infected and in GPT in healthy group exposed to high temperature. All group showed significant increase in all infected parameter (P <0.05) compared whit healthy group in one hour period. Unless HDL which suffered from decrease.
. As at increased exposure to two hours, he got the same results in the previous period except significant increase (P <0.05), which happened in the level triglycerides and VLDL in the group exposed to low temperature and decrease, which happened in LDL a infected group exposed to low temperature compared with healthy group
In the period of four hours the results were similar that in the period one hour except the significant decrease (P <0.05) in cholesterol and HDL and GOT in the group exposed to low temperature compared with healthy group
Levels of glucose and ALP and GOT increased in healthy animals and infected in groups expose low temperature, also HDI In LDLV significantly increase in group exposed to high temperatures, there was significantly differences in levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and HDL in the group exposed to high temperature also LDLV in group exposed to low temperature. Depending on period of of exposure

Study of structural properties of barium ferrite compounds and barium ferrite compounds doped with ( Co) and (Ti) by using solid state reaction and deposited thin films of these compounds by pulsed laser deposition (PLD).

Saleem Azara Hussain

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 173-185

In this research we prepared polycrystalline hexagonal ferrite compounds by solid state reaction methods by using iron and Barium Oxides . We deduce the suitable temperature of reaction and the cooling condition according to phase diagram of barium ferrite system, then we prepared thin film barium ferrite by pulsed laser deposition , also we studied the effect of some of factors like the annealing temperature and substrate temperature on the crystal structure of the prepared films.

Survey of indoor fungi of sick patients Al-Diwania hospital and evaluated efficiency of sterile materials

Majed kadem AL-Shably

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 77-83

The study included 200 samples of air corridors of hospital patients in the education of Diwaniyah during the study period, namely, (11/01/2011 to 04/30/2012). The results showed that 123 samples showed growth of fungal and by 61.1% of the air corridors of patients, where they were diagnosed 8 races innate is the genus Aspergillus, who took the lead a number isolates are 44 isolation were distributed among five types of the Aspergillus flavus 19 isolates (15.4)% and Aspergillus niger 18 isolates (14.6)% Aspergillus candidus 3 isolates (2.4)% and 2 isolates each of Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus terreus (1.6)% sex Penicillium sp 28 isolates (22.7)% and genus Mucor sp 26 isolates (21.1)%, and was diagnosed 2 isolates each race of races following Alternaria alternata and Rhizopus sp and Candida albicans and Cryptococcus neoformans (1.6)%, either the results of the sensitivity of fungi to cleansers formalin and Dettol that the percentage of inhibition of these compounds for the fungus differentiated by the type and concentration of disinfectant, sex and type innate this was the disinfectants in the concentrations original 10% in the most efficient inhibition of fungi than if used in diluted concentrations of 5% and 2.5% formalin was more effective on fungi and yeasts of Dettol.

Isolation and Characterization of New Pseudomonas aeruginosa Phages in Al- Diwanyia City

Ziad M.F. Alkhozai; M.F. Alkhozai

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 10-22

This study was carried out during the period from October/ 2011 to March/ 2012.It included the isolation and identification of 50 Ps.aeruginosa isolates from 200 samples collected from different clinical and environmental sources and detection of their susceptibility to eighteen antibiotics. The distribution of these isolates were: 21 from 50 burn samples, 4 from 40 UTI samples,10 from 50 samples of operation rooms and 15 from 60 sample of sewage water. The obtained results showed that all Ps.aeruginosa isolates were sensitive to imipenem and meropenem. Five types of phages were isolated from (60) samples of sewage water according to difference in shape and diameter of the plaques primarily named (ZM1,ZM2,ZM3,ZM4,ZM5). Results showed that the highest adsorption rate of isolated phage on bacterial cells was about 3-5 minutes, phage particles have an eclipse time about 7.5 ±0.5 minutes. The maximum lysis activity of phages was documented in about two hours, while complete lysis time was about 5 hours. The calculated data showed that the burst size was about 125 ±18 pfucell in time period about 30 ±5 minutes. The results also showed that the Ps.aeruginosa isolates from sewage were more susceptibleto phage infection than isolates from clinical cases. The isolated phage arrived the maximum activity in the neutral medium between 6.5-8.5. This activity declined after pH 9. In 45Cº the phage activity was not affected but it decreased continuously when temperature increased 50Cº. In 70Cº the activity dramatically reduced and diminished in about 8-10 minutes. Scanning Electron Microscope results showed the phage particles possessing icosahederal head and diameter ranging between (51-74nm) with no tail. According to International Committee on Taxonomy of viruses, the phage (ZM1) was assigned to the family Corticoviridae.

The effect of growth regulators, Zolfast preparation and between them in protein components of two cultivars of wheat grains (IPAA-99 and Tamuze-2).

Abdulameer Ali; Yaseen

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 21-40

The experiment was conducted during the winter season of the year (2010 - 2011) in Department of Biology / College of Education /AL - Qadisiya University, to study the impact of two growth regulators (Gibberellic acid GA3 and Benzyladenine BA), Zolfast and interaction between them on protein components of two cultivars of wheat grains, Triticum aestivum L. (IPAA-99 and Tamuze-2).
The experiment was designed as Randomized Complete Blocks with three replicates in a factorial arrangement of three factors (5 × 3 × 2). The first factor included five concentrations of growth regulators; (0Control, 25GA3, 50GA3, 100BA and 150BA) mg /L. The second factor included three concentrations of Zolfast (0, 1 and 2) ml /L, while the third factor was the two cultivars of wheat (IPAA-99 and Tamuze-2). The Revised Least Significant Difference (RLSD) at 0.05 probability was used to compare treatment means, whenever treatments affects were evident. Hand sprayer was utilized to spray all concentrations of growth regulators and Zolfast, twice during the growing season. The first was one month after seed sowing (during the 4-5 true leaves), and the second was after two months. The following parameters were measured during the study total protein percentage, wet and dry gluten, and percentage of gliadin, glutenin and gluten were measured by using (HPLC) technique. Results showed:
1- BA was superior GA3 in all studied characteristics, as well as with Zolfast which gave on least concentration (1 ml/L) higher content of proteins compared to higher concentration; in addition to Tamuze-2 cultivar was superior compared to IPAA-99 in most parameters.
2- All interactions between the studied factors a significant increase in the protein components of wheat cultivars, especially with both concentration of BA and low concentration of Zolfast.
3- The triple interaction between factors included in the experiment revealed a significant effect on all parameters studied, IPAA-99 had higher glutenin% when treat cultivar with (150mg/L BA + 1ml/L Zolfast). While Tamuze-2 had higher gliadin and gluten% when treated with (150mg/L BA + 1ml/L Zolfast) and Total protein% was increased with the use of (50mg/L GA3 + 2ml/L Zolfast) and with (150mg/L BA + 2ml/L Zolfast).

Study of effect alcoholic extract of Piper nigrum L.plant seeds on some hematological and biochemical parameters of albino rats.

Ennas Mohamed AL- Khazali

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 68-76

The current study included using the ethanolic extract of piper nigrum seeds for knowing itʼs effect in some heamatological and biochemical parameters of of the albino rats .this study used 24 adult rat,aged 3 menthes ,it has been distributed them randomly on four equal groups ,numbers each groups composed of 6 rats ,these animals groups treated as following : control group C given drinking water only ,the first treated group T1 given ethanolic extract of Piper nigrum seeds with concentration of 25 mg/kg ,the second treated group T2 given alcoholic extract with concentration of 50mg/kg and T3 group given alcoholic extract at dose 100mg/kg,after finishing this test amounting 60 days counting the blood from the heart directly for study of some hematological parameters such as RBC,WBC, Hb, PCV and some biochemical parameters included total protein concentration ,total cholesterol TC concentration, high density lipoprotein cholesterol HDL-C and low density of lipoprotein cholesterol LDL-C ,the results showed significant increase P <0.05 in RBC,HB, PCV,HDL-C and total protein while no significant changed in WBC of the treated animals compared with control animals and the results showed significant decrease P<0.05 in level of total cholesterol and LDL-C in the treated groups compared with control group. therefore, this study refers to positive effects for alcoholic extact of Piper nigrum seeds on hematological and biochemical parameters of albino rats.

Detection of some virulence factors of Enterococcus faecalis isolated from raw milk by Multiplex PCR

Azhar Noory Hussein

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 132-144

Since milk is a high nutrition food , it is extremely liable to enterococcal contamination , as this widely distributed in the environment . This study evaluated 40 raw milk samples ( 10 samples for each cows , sheep , goats and buffalo ) for enteroccal contamination . Raw milk samples were collected from different farms in Diwaniyah city /Al-Qadisiya governorate between May and July 2012. This objective of this study was numerate the number of enterococci in the raw milk samples . Also to find out the out the distribution of major virulence factors asa1 , gelE , cylA , esp and hyl genes by multiplex PCR among Enterococcus faecalis isolates and the production of gelatinase and hemolytic activity were also determined . The antibiotics susceptibity of the strains was determined using the disc diffusion method . The results of the current study showed that the raw milk had a total viable count in the range from 1*102 – 34*106 CFU/ml and all raw milk samples were positive for the presence of enterococci . Significant difference was not exist between the types of raw milk samples . twenty strains of E. faecalis were isolated from 40 raw milk samples . These strains were identified by conventional biochemical tests and the HiStrep system . Tn addition , E. faecalis specific 16S rDNA gene (amplicon size 290 bp ) primers were included as a control when the biochemical identification was doubtful . Multiplex PCR for virulence factors showed that E. faecalis isolates carried one or more virulence encoding genes . The asa1 gene was the predominant (75%) of the E. faecalis strains investigated followed by hyl gene (70%) . The esp , gelE and cylA genes were detected with percentages of 65% , 50% and 25% respectively . Antibiotics susceptibility testing showed that of the total 20 isolates 12(60%) were resistant to erythromycin and 9(45%) to ampicillin . Lower antibiotics resistance was seen with gentamycin , tetracycline , norfloxacin , penicillin and rifampicin ( 20% , 15% , 10% , 15% and 10% respectively ) . None of the isolates was found to be resistant to be chloramphenicol .

study of genus Carduus L. Compositae (Asteraceae) in Iraq

Suhaila Hussain Baji

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 61-67

The genus Carduus L. in Iraq is reviewed. Species have been systematically examined . The morphological study includes study the characters of roots , stems , leaves , flowering heads , involucre's bracts . inflorescences , florets , fruit,capitular receptacle,flowering period in addition to indumentum were studied .
Result showed that Carduus L. species with distinct morphological features . it was confirmed that the plant habit and cypsela characters are the most important feature for discriminting among species (4) species of the genus Carduus L. were recognized for Iraq .

Study of Viral infections associated with Male infertility in Hillah city-Iraq

Mohammad Aboud Al-Qaraguli

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 1-9

Objectives: To investigate the association of viral infections present in the lower genital tract of males and relationship with male infertility.
Methods: ELISA technique of 175 semen and serum specimens, collected over 12 months from males investigated for infertility, were retrospectively assessed.
Results: One hundred and seventy five seminal fluid, blood and serum specimens from men investigated for infertility over a period of 1 year from February 2011 to February 2012 were analyzed. The seminal fluids and serum of patients mentioned to the laboratory from the fertility clinics of Babylon maternity and children Hospital and outer clinics. The results had shown that from 284 viral infection there were, rubella consist 20.6%, Herpes simplex I 22.9% , Herpes simplex II 55.4% , Cytomegalovirus 33.1% , Human papilloma virus 15.4% , Adeno-associated virus 10.8% , Epstein-Barr virus 4%.
Also the infection with viruses revealed that it is higher in azoospermic+oligospermic patients than normospermic group (control) as shown in table 2 and figure2. We revealed in this study that azoospermic and oligospermic patients formed the highest ratio of the viral infections. there is 88.9% rubella infection, 90% Herpes simplex I, 83.5% Herpes simplex II, 76.2% Cytomegalovirus, 77.7% Human papilloma virus, 100% Adeno-associated virus, 85.7% Epstein-Barr virus in azoospermic and oligospermic compare with normospermic patients which are 11.1%, 10%, 16.5, 13.8%, 22.3%, 0%, 14.3% respectively.
Conclusions: using sensitive procedures for assays, we detected an unexpectedly high prevalence of sexually transmitted pathogens in semen from asymptomatic infertility patients.

Optical Pollution and its Effect on Man and Environment in Al- Kut City

Jabir H.Al-asadi

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 154-173

The present paper is a practical, field study of optical pollution ( or, as it is Some times called, lighting pollution),that is, the effect of lights and colours on man and his environment in Al-Kut City.
The study focuses on the causes of this kind of pollution, such as lights,colours,randomly designed buildings and streets, crowded market places,as well as illegal trespassing of public properties.
It also discusses the lack of laws and regulation to be followed in this respect, and the effects of this pollution on the biological and psychological condition of man.
The study surveyed several government departments and some universities that are concerned with this problem. It Two measurement devices were used. They are the Laser Power Meter and the Solar Power Meter.

Preparation and characterization of some transition metal mixed ligand complexes (Part 1)

Abid Allah. M. Ali

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 1-14

New mixed ligand complexes have been prepared by reaction of chloride salts of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) with Schiff bases 2-((E)-4-((E)-phenyl-diazenyl) phenylimino) methyl ) phenol [ (PDIMP) = (HL1) ] and (Z)-2-((p-Tolylimino)methyl) phenol [ (TIMP) = (HL2) ]. The resulting complexes were characterized by available techniques such as elemental analysis, determination of metal content M% , molar conductances, magnetic moment measurements, UV-Vis and IR spectral studies. The Schiff bases acts as a monobasic bidentate ligands, coordinating through deprotonated phenolic oxygen and azomethine nitrogen atoms. The complexes are non-electrolytic in DMSO. From the analytical and spectral data the stoichiometry of these complexes have been found to be [M(L1)(L2)(H2O)2] {where M = Mn(II), Co(II), or Ni(II), }, and [M′(L1)(L2)]. where M′ = {Cu(II),or Zn(II)}. The presence of the two coordinated water molecules in these complexes was indicated by IR spectra and (C.H.N) analysis of the complexes. The electronic absorption spectra and magnetic susceptibility measurements suggest the square planar geometry for the copper(II) ion, and tetrahedral geometry for the zinc(II) ion, but the other metal complexes show octahedral geometry.
Keywords: Preparation, Characterization , Schiff bases, Mixed ligand complexes.

Synthesis Some of New Heterocyclic derivatives containing Azo Group

Radhiya.A. khdur

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 114-128

This paper is involved synthesis of Chalcone compound as starting material which used in synthesis of new heterocyclic derivatives from prepared compound previosly (D) [5-((acetyl phenyl)diazenyl)-2-hydroxy benzaldehyde] to give cyclic compounds such as Thiazine , Oxazine and 1,3- Oxazepine derivatives. These compounds have been characterized by T.LC , (FT-IR , H-NMR) Spectra , Elemental Analysis(C.H.N)and melting points.

Liquid- Liquid extraction method for extraction Zn(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solutions by two synthesized azo organic reagent.

Shawket K. Jawad

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2013, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 102-113

2-[2-pyridil azo]-4-benzen naphthol [PABN] and 2-[(4-Hydroxy phenyl azo]-4,5-
diphenyl imidazol [HPADPI] were Synthesized and used for the extraction of Zn(II)
and Cd(II) from aqueous solutions. Effective factors on the extraction method was
investigated stoichiometry shows the complex extracted was [M+2(PABN-(Cl-)] and
[M+2(HPADPI)]2Cl- when (M2+=Zn2+,Cd2+), Thermodynamic studies appeared
complexation reaction for Zn2+,Cd2+ with both organic reagents was endothermic, in
addition of another studies.
The research is apart of MSC thesis.