Volume 11, Issue 3, Summer 2011, Page 1-105

Study of The Process usedfor Evaluation high - Efficiency Al X Ga 1 - x AS - Ga As Solar Cells

Abdulameer K. FARHOOD

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 53-61

The effects of chemical etching and temperature treatment on the optical Properties of Alₓ Ga1-x As/GaAs solar cells are reported . Two structures are Investigated to isolate surface and interface effects, and to determine the effects of each layer on the resulting sample and device properties .

Correlation Study of the Biological Activity of Sulfa Drugs and Theoretical Calculation NMR Spectra of the Parent Anilines

Bahjat A. Saeed

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 1-4

Isotropic 1H, 13C and 14N nuclear magnetic shielding constants of anilines that used to synthesize sulfa drugs were calculated. The geometry of each compound has been optimized using 6-31G(d,p) and B3lyp/6-31G(d,p) basis sets at levels HF and DFT. The optimized geometries were used to estimate the chemical shifts which then correlated with biological activity of the drugs against bacteria.

Some Kinds OF Jordan Centralizers on Completely Prime Gamma Rings

Rajaa C.Shaheen

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 26-40

Let M be a non-commutative 2-torsion free completely prime -ring, in section two of this paper, we prove that if T:M M be an additive mapping such that 2T(x x)=T(x) x+x T(x) holds for all x M, .in this case T is left and right centralizer (i.e centralizer).In section three of this paper we prove that, if T:M M be an additive mapping satisfying T(x y x)=T(x) y x for all x,y M, , (resp., T(x y x)=x y T(x) for all x,y M, , ) then T is a left centralizer(resp., right centralizer).

Calculation Of Heat Content And Entropy Of Polyethylene

Thamir Salman Bachari

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 41-52

Calculation of heat content and entropy have been done for polyethylene for different chain length, are reviewed with support of data obtained from the thermo-chemical and thermodynamic for monomer unit and polyethylene, by using equations expressing these proportions at 25oC as a function of n, which is the number of ethylene units per polymer molecule, for gaseous state of monomer unit of ethylene to a narrow chain of polyethylene . We have reviewed for n the number monomer units per polymer molecule for n≥2, n≥4 and for (mono-olefin) n≥3, and at large numbers of n.

Preparation of Polymeric Matrix Structures and Study their Controlled Release of Glipizid (In vitro)

Oraas Adnan Hatem

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 78-86

The Glipizide tablets which used in this study was available in the commercial local pharmacies. Glipizid material was isolated and refined, then the meltingpoint and (λmax) were determined.The gelatin and poly vinyl alcohol hydrogels wereprepared by chemical crosslinkage using glyceraldehydes.In this study several tablets were prepared as polymeric matrix systems from gelatin-PVA which loaded by Glipizide in ratio (25%, 34%, 50% wt/wt).The effect of pH on release rate of Glipizide in (PBS, pH=7.4), SGF , and SIF has been studied.The results exhibit that the pH have a great effect on releaserate of Glipizide from polymeric matrix, so the samples gave a high release rate in low values of pH (SGF & SIF) in comparison with neutral solution (PBS, pH=7.4). The results also shows that the release rate increase when the drug loading rate increase according to recent research.The study consist on the toxicity of these materials which is shown that these materials are nontoxic. The swelling behavior of prepared samples has been studied and the result show an increase in swelling ratio at low pH value

The Effect of Some Doses of Prostaglandin E1in Spermatogenesis in white rats Rattus rattus

Haider Kamil Zaidan

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 62-77

spermatogenesis in adult white male rats (Rattus rattus) after treated by mouth.
60 males from white rat were used divided randomly into three main groups each one of them contained 20 individuals of animals were treated for 2 , 4 & 6 days with prostaglandin E1(PGE1). Each main group was divided randomly for 4 subgroups, each subgroup contained 5 animals treated by solution of 0.9% NaCl , 10 , 20 & 30 µg/kg of body weight of PGE1.
The weights before treatment and after 24 hours from the last dose of treatment were measured, and also testes of animals were weighted after they were removed and the histological sections were prepared for studying the effecting of the PGE1on the mean of the numbers of spermatogenic cells , Sertoli cells , the diameter and percentage of seminiferous tubules that were damaged and were compared with control groups.
The results were:-
Significant and nonsignificant results were occurred in different groups that treated with different doses and concentrations of PGE1.
Significant decrease (P<0.05) happened in mean of number of sertoli cells of animal’s groups that treated 2 , 4 and 6 days from 20 , 10 and (20 , 30) µg/kg of body weight PGE1 in prospectively. Some time significant increase and another time significant decrease had occurred in mean diameter of seminiferous tubules depend on doses and concentrations. The means of percentage of number of seminiferous tubules that damaged were increased significantly (P<0.05) in all groups that treated by PGE1 depend on period and concentration of dose, however, observed significant changes (P<0.05) in mean of weight of animal gonads treated with PGE1 comparison with the control group. In conclusion : the administrated PGE1 influenced on spermatogineses dependent on the period and concentration of dose

Abdulhussein H. Mutlag Sadek J. Tuama

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 9-17

Four concentrates from Fenugreek plant extracts used to test it is effect on fungus growth . The extracts concentrates are (0,1,2,4) gram leaves or seeds extracts /letter of distill water .The results shows significant correlation effect between extracts concentrates and hyphal fungus length .The concentrate (4) gram leaves or seeds /litter distill water is more effect on fungus growth because the leaves and seeds extracts contains alkaloid “Trigonelline” which effect on fungus growth.

Concentration of Some trace elements in ground Water for four Wells in Al- Khider /Al- Mothanna Governoment / Iraq

d M. Alkam; Foa

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 51-61

The present study was conducted about some physical –chemical proprieties and concentrations some trace elements ( Cd, Pb , Zn ) for four Wells in Al- Khider distrct . Seasonaly samples were obtained during the period from Autommn 2009 to Summer 2010. The results showed that water quality of the studied were clear alkaline , salinity , and very hardness ,statistical analysis does show significance differences at level 0.05 of physical – chemical proprieties between wells except dissolved Oxygen in all mounths of study , statistical analysis does not show significance differences of trace elements in water of wells . All the studied elements were of below the minimum allowed limits of World Health Organization WHO (2004 ).

Isolation and Identifecation of fungi from soils polluted by hydrocarbons

Lubna . A. Al.Mutalib

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 27-36

Some fungi have been isolated from polluted and non polluted by oil wastes soils, from different areas in Hilla city . This study shows the existence of great collection of fungi that have the ability to grow in both type of soil.Deutromycotina was the dominant group . In particular Asp. genus which reavealed higher percent of occurenase . there are 3sp. Asp. Terrus, Asp .flavus ,Asp. Niger .
While the other groups were exhipited less occurenase in addition to yeast and sterilized black and white mycelia . this experiment shown that the higher percentage of existence belong to Cephalosporium sp.,Penicelium sp. ,Asp. niger ,Asp . terrus for both soils . the optimum affect of temp. ranged between 30-35 C , In contrast the yeast is recorded the higher percentage at temp. 25 C.

Isolation and identification of Campylobacter jejuni from diarrhea of children.

Lumma J. H. Witwt

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 36-50

One handred twenty five stool samples were collected from children with diarrheal disease in age between (1-5) years old who attending the Babylon hospital for maternity and children from the period November 2009 to May 2010. C.jejuni was isolated from 12 diarrheal samples with percentage 40% using two methods. First the using selective media (Skirrow’s Media) and second by using filter paper with pore size (0.45μm). Biochemical, physiological and antibiotics sensitivity tests were conducted for 12 bacterial isolates. All of these isolates were sensitive to nalidixic acid and resistance to cephalothine in percentage 100%. Local specific antibodies was detected using tube agglutination test for globulins isolated from stool samples which was positive for 30 samples with percentage 54.5%. Rapid latex agglutination test was positive also for these samples.

Study for a primary and secondary oxidation mechanisms of carcinogenic aromatics

Muthana shanshal

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 87-105

The carcinogenic activity of two polyaromatic hydrocarbons, Benzo[a] pyrene (BP) and dibenz [a,
h] anthracene (DBA) were studied by means of quantum mechanical methods.For this purpose
four different approaches were considered, there are; the Dewar’s perturbation molecular orbital
(PMO) method, the semiempirical MINDO/3 and MINDO/3-FORCES methods and the Abinitio
approach. The calculation was done for the two hydrocarbons (BP) and (DBA) as well as for some
of their primary and secondary oxidation products.The study dealt with seventeen different
compounds (hydrocarbon as well as oxidation products).By the choice of the oxidation products,
primary and secondary, the following product types were considered; (a) those in the krebs region;
(b) those of the bay-region; (c) those of the fjord region and (d) those of the metabolite region. As
for the primary, epoxide oxidation products the following PMO relatives energies and Abinitio
electronic energies were obtained. The order of stability of BP primary oxidation products, as
calculated by the PMO and abinitio methods is as follows:-
BP – 4,5 – epoxide > BP – 11,12 – epoxide > BP – 7,8 – epoxide > BP – 9,10 – epoxide
> BP – 1,2 – epoxide > BP – 2,3 – epoxide > BP – 8,9 – epoxide
Two products were calculated for oxidation stage, the first compound contains active bay-region
(BPBAY) and the other did not contain a bay-region (BP NON BAY)
More stable was the bay-region form as found in previous experiments. The order of stability of
BP secondary oxidation products is as follows:-

Biological and Chemical control of house fly (Musca domestica L. )( Diptera: Muscida)

Mohammed Rada Annon

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 1-8

Different concentration of fungal suspension of Metarhizum anisopliae were tested against adult house fly( Musca domesticate L. ).The results showed that the concentration 2×105 spore/ml caused highest mortality rate (93.33%) while the lowest value was recorded at concentration 2×102 spore/ml which was 53.33% after seven days of treatment and no mortality was recorded at control treatment . The fungal filtrate showed highest mortality rate which was 96.66% at concentration 100% while lowest mortality rate was 50% at concentration of 25% after 72 hours comparied with control. Apositive correlation was found between concentration of each suspension and filtrate with mortality rate . the mortality rate of adults treated with insecticides ( premethrine, chlorpyrifos, lambdacyhalothrin, halfenprox) were 100%, 96.66%, 83.33%, 76.66% respectively at recommended concentrations and size 5ml every 10 adults after (30) minute from treatment.

The inhibitory and immunology effect of Ricinius communis leaf and its antibiotic activity and immune system stimulation


journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), 2011, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 18-26

The present study aimed to determine the possible antimicrobial effects of aqueous extract (hot and cold ) Ricinius communis leaf on some pathogenic bacteria such as S. aureus , Klebsiella spp., P. mirabilis, Ps. aeruginosa , As well as to evaluate the ability of aqueous extract in stimulate immune response in mice .The result showed no effect of Ricinius extract on inhibition the bacterial growth in diffrent concentration 2-20% .
Also , the result showed that the plant extract enhancement the activity of immune system, this observed from significant increase in values of most immunological parameter compared with control and this enhancement depended on the dose, when increase the dose cause increase in immune response , it has been found also , that the cold aqueous extract was more effect than hot extract .
Aqueous extract of Ricinius communis leaf had astimulatory effect for immune response in mice