Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2006, Page 1-23

Principally Pseudo-Injective Modules

Akeel Ramadan Mehdi Al-Yassri

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-20

The concepts of pseudo-injective modules and principally quasi-injective modules are generalized in this paper to principally pseudo-injective modules . Many characterizations and properties of principally pseudo-injective modules are obtained. Relationships between principally pseudo-injective modules and other classes of modules are given for example we proved that for each integer n 2 , then is principally pseudo-injective R-module if and only if is principally quasi-injective R-module. New characterizations of semi-simple Artinian ring in terms of principally pseudo-injective modules are introduced. Endomorphisms ring of principally pseudo-injective modules are studied .

A Study of the physiologic parameters of the blood of patients suffuring from diabetes attending to Al- Najaf general hospital

N. AL-Dujaily; Arshed; S. Jaffat AL-Shaffae; Haidere

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-14

This study inslude the examination of (100) sample of the blood of the Pateints attending to Al- Najaf general hospital during five months from 1/11/2004 to 1/4/2005 , blood samples from patients suffing from insulin dependent and independent diabetes had examined , they were (50) pateints wene suffering from insulin dependent diabetes , and include the ages (40-60) years for the insu. . independe diabtion and (20-40) years for the insu. Dependndiation and the study include both genders , they were (25) males , and (25) females in each groip with eliminate the smoker males and smoker and pregnant feueales . The study found that there is no significant differences (p > 0.05) in the total heamoglobin concentration and P.C.V. Values/ also the study appeared that there is no sign differend in the comparizon between both type of diabetes (iusulin dependent and independen diabetes) , also the gender didn't appear and effect on the aboue parameters . The Study appeared significant increase (p <0.05) in the total count of W.B.C. for the diabetiz pateints in both types of the disease and for both gender as comparison with the control grop .Also it found significant increase (p <0.05) in the total count of WBC in the Patient females when it compaired with the Patient males .It appeared from the search that there is a significant increase (p < 0.05) in the neutrophils in the diabetic pateints in both types of the dzease and in both genders when compared with thw control group .Also it found from the study that there is significant differences ( p < 0.05) in the differential count of lymphocytes , monocytes , acidophils WBC , in the diabetic patients in both types of the diabetes when compared with the control group .The two types of diabetes and sex didn't appear any effects on the differential count of WBC in all its types .In the study , it was noted that there is significant in cnease ( p < 0.05) in the erythrocytes sedmenatation rate (ESR) in the Patients of the both types of diabetes and in the both genders , when companed with control group .A significant decrease (p < 0.05) were occur in ESR in the patients with insulin dependent diabctes when compared with insulin independent diabetic oatients . And it appear that there ia a signifition cont increase (p < 0.05) in the above Parameters of the Patient females in comparison withs Patieat wales .

Evaluation of the efficiency of some chemical and biological treatments on the protection of potato tubers from the infection by Fusarium solani fungus

Nabil Salim Saaid Tuwaij; Huda Jameel Al-khlkhaly; Sami Abd Al-rutha Al-jumaeely

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-12

This study aimed to creating an effective means to protect potato tubers Solanum tuberosum from disease infection Dry Rot caused by the fungus Fusarium solani in natural circumstances storage through experimenting the efficiency of some chemical treatment (Rovral , Urea and Sodium chloride) and biological treatment (vaccine bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens CHAO).
Rovral Fungicid proved high efficiency in inhibiting the radial growth of fungus F. solani at rate 100% in Agriculture media of both concentrations (0.1&0.2)% and stated vaccine bacteria P. fluorescens CHAO in the second order regarding the inhibition of the fungus 88%.whereas the urea showed medial effect in inhibition of which was 51% at the concentration of 1% . Results also cleared that Sodium chloride was the least treatment efficiency in inhibition the fungus F. solani which was 37.2% at 0.1%.
The results of the storage experiment had cleared that the wounds has a great importance in increasing tubercle infection by fungus the percentage of the infection in tubercle wound reached 33.8% while in tubercle that are not wound was 3.1% and the wound effect on the weight of tubercle which was 234gm in tubercle that are not wound but decreased in the wound tubercle to 202.2 gm. The chemical and biological treatments showed efficiency in reducing the percentage of tubercle infection with fungus F. solani. Rovral treatment that’s the best treatment in reducing the percentage to 1.1% while equality treatment urea and bacteria P. fluorescens CHAO in reducing the percentage to 15.5 % successively while the treatment effect on the urea weight showed efficiency in diaper of tubercle weight which was 241.6 gm and stated Rovral in second order 233.4gm .

,ppشسيدراسة مظهرية للجنس Aster L. ( Compositae ) في العراق

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 8-23


The genus Aster L. In Iraq has been systematically studied . Comparative morphology have been presented , Characters of roots , stems , leaves , inflorescences , flowers , fruiting parts were studied and the variations within each character were discussed .
The present study showed that the characters of fruits were of considerable taxonomic value , in addition to duration and colors of ligules .
Two species of Aster L. In Iraq are Aster subulata Michx. and A.tripolium L. .

A new, modern origination for the 1998 Designed glass-tubes techniques for Invitro Purposes: A histophysiological evaluation For some organisms eggs

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-15

The present study including a fellow of both physiological & histological conditions for the organisms oocytes cultured & matured in vitro by using a new modification on the in vitro 1998 technique by increasing the surface area in a manner to increasing CO2 yeilds.
The results had showed the increase CO2 yeild at about 30% than the amount discharged by previous originated 1998 techniques. Maturation percentages results until the appearing second equatorial stage were being (80%) at mice, oat, and cat, (63%) at cows, and (60%) at camels. At parasites maturation until embryos formation were being (12.5%) at Fasciola hepatica, (13.5%) at Diphyllobothrium dendriticum, (18-25%) at Teania types (pisiformis, ovis, teaniaeformis), (21%) at Nematodes (Haemonchus contortvs, Cooperia punctata, and Nippostrongylus braziliensis), (25%) at both of Ascaris Lumbricoides and Sphaeridiotrema giobulus, and at last (35%) at Entrobius vermicularis take in part that P > 0.16 so there isn’t significant varience occurred any way. Conclusion extend to include a big results conjugated with this new techniques parallal, to those of originated one at 1998 or to the classical on by using (CO2) incubator.

Effect of Toxoplasma gondii on the early abortion in Thi –Qar governmert southern of Iraq

Naeem Salman Ali; Abady; Fadhil Abbas Minshed Al

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-11

A random samples of pregnant and a bortion womwn was taken in children and birth hospital in Nassiriyah , Al –Shatra and Suq Al- shuikh .Seroimmuno test was made to discover the parasite Toxoplasma gondii .
It was prored that stage of age with ranged from (30 – 35) ,is the most one which labile to abortion . It showed that is remarkable effect for abortion cases to be happened in the first age stages of pregnant women where as the age class ranged (30 –40 ) is the least one subjected to abortion cases and the class (15 –20) has the slightest effect among a of her age class for a bortion cases owing to Toxoplasmosis .

Synthesis of some saccharine derivative

Kalid J. Al-adile; Talib A.H. Mossa; Kasim M. H

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-16

In this paper Schiff's bases were prepared by condensation of primary aromatic amines and aromatic aldehydes. It was found that Schiff's bases react with propionyl chloride in refluxing dry benzene to give N-α-chlorobenzylpropanilides, the latter had reacted with saccharine by direct fusion to give N-α-Saccharylbenzylpropanilides. The new prepared compounds were identified by melting point and their IR and UV- Vis spectra. Table 5 & 6 , Fig 1 , 2 & 3.

Morphological and Histological study of olfactory organs in Clemmys caspica caspica

Layla Mohsen Mahdi

journal of al-qadisiyah for pure science(quarterly), Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-11


The Present study aims at recognizing the morphological description and Histological structure of the olfactory organs in Clemmys caspica caspica , Olfactory sacs lie on the back surface of the head and it opens in to the outside with a pair of external nostril apertures , which have oval shape , and it opens in to the inside of the nasal cavity with a pair of internal nasal apertures . Olfactory sacs begin with the vestibulum which a tubular structure lined with stratified squamous epithelium tissue similar to the skin then nasal cavity which extends from the vestibulum to the duct nasopharyngeus and it lines with olfactory epithelium simple columnar epithelia, and a vomeronasal epithelium . Olfactory epithelium consists of Pseudostratified columnar epithelium tissue containing three types of cells ( receptor , Supporting , basal ). Olfactory epithelium is provided with a number of Bowman's glands and the columnar epithelium consists of three types of cells
( ciliated - goblet - basal ) . As for Vomeronasal epithelia, it consists of Pseudostratfied epithelium tissue which consists of three types of cells ( receptor , supporting , basal ) . Receptor cells are provided with microvilli instead of cilia , the last part of cavities is represented by the duct nasopharyngens and it lies between the nasal cavity and the internal nasal apertures and it is lined with simple columnar epithelia similar to simple columnar epithelium in main nasal cavity .